Our Worship

One of the tenets of our church states that our purpose in life is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. In other words, because of who God is (the Creator and Lord of all) and because of what he has done (sustaining all and redeeming his people from sin) our highest duty in life is to honor and adore God. This, in turn, results in delight and satisfaction in our hearts.

Worship at BPC

Corporate worship is one way in which we glorify God. As his people, we gather before him in adoration, confession, thanksgiving, supplication, and obedient love. As one writer put it, "Worship is essentially doxology, a giving of glory, praise, honour, and homage to God."* Worship encompasses all the respect and reverence that we owe and give to our Maker. In worship we pay tribute to the King of Kings and we acknowledge his sovereignty over us and our dependence on him.

At Ballantyne Presbyterian Church we desire that our corporate worship service be consistent with the principles of worship found in the Bible. We aim for our worship to be both simple and reverent, to inflame our hearts and yet to engage our minds. We strive to communicate the transcendence of God but also his nearness. In short, we desire to exalt our great God, as well as to rejoice in the fact that he is gracious to his people.

Please take a look at our most recent bulletin to see what a typical Sunday morning worship service at our church looks like.